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We offer on-line and in person courses and consultations supporting wellbeing of teachers and children in schools and preschools


be mindful - teach mindfully - teach mindfulness 

(Kevin Hawkins)



Teachers are the key to the wellbeing and academic success of our children. Our mission is to support teachers in their demanding profession and help them grow personally and professionally. We encourage and help educators to take care of themselves, to prevent burn out and to gain knowledge and capacity to support the children in their classroom. Through our courses and consultations

Teachers will:

  • Understand the concepts and benefits of mindfulness and resilience building practices

  • Have direct experience with practicing concrete wellbeing activities

  • Have tools and tips how to teach mindfulness and resilience to children in their classroom

  • Have tools and tips how to practice mindfulness in their own lives and support their own wellbeing

  • Recognise how mindfulness can promote positive mental, emotional and social health 



Social-emotional learning became one of the basic elements of general education globally. Child's wellbeing is a key base for academic learning. Children of all ages and in any developmental stage can benefit from mindfulness, according to relevant research practicing mindfulness for children: 

  • Improves social and communication skills

  • Strengthens self-control

  • Lowers levels of anxiety 

  • Lowers stress 

  • Increases positive mood 

  • Increases resilience (Burke, 2010; Greenberg & Harris, 2011; Hooker & Fodor, 2014).

Results of integrated mindfulness and relaxation work with children showed significant decreases in anxiety, ADHD behaviors, depression and somatic distress.  (Weare, 2012) 

In our wellbeing programs​ for schools teachers and children will explore activities based on:                                                     




Positive psychology



Mindful leadership and communication


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