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Project Acronym: SAFE YOUTH


Project website:


Date: 1.09.2020 - 30.08.2022



Project Partners:

CFPA- Kypriakos syndesmos oikogeneiakou programmatismou (Cyprus)

CARDET- Centre for advancement of research and development in educational technology ltd (Cyprus)

KMOP- Kentro merimnas oikogeneias kai paidiou (greece)

ECYC- Europese confederatie van organisaties voor jeugdcentra ecyc vereniging (Belgium)

The Rural Hub CLG (Ireland)

Motion Digital S.R.O.(Czech Republic)





SAFE YOUTH focuses on supporting and empowering youth workers combating the social obstacles young people face nowadays, because of their gender, sexual orientation and mental health status and help youth to build resilience and improve their well-being.


According to Eurostat (2017) 28% of young people aged 16- 29 years were at risk of social exclusion in the EU. This lies to the fact that young people may enter the process of social inclusion at different points and move toward both poles – either marginalisation

or achievement of autonomy; depending on the choices they make, the support and opportunities they have.


The development of essential socio-emotional life skills may act as protective factors for youth’s empowerment especially in relation

to their sexual behavior, mental health, quality of life and well-being. As proven, youth struggling with disadvantages are generally less active citizens and have less trust in institutions; something that leads them to isolation and to feel less included in their social environment.


Youth workers can facilitate and respond to this need empowering young people on a personal and a social level. According

to the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work 2008, youth work enables young people to develop holistically- their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential; something that the formal educational system cannot achieve solely.






The Science of Sexuality Education and Youth Work- SAFE YOUTH focuses on supporting and empowering youth workers combating

the social obstacles young people face nowadays, because of their gender, sexual orientation and mental health status and help youth

to build resilience and improve their well-being.


Sexuality Education comes to respond to this challenge by empowering youth workers on providing young people

with the knowledge, skills and efficacy to make informed decisions about their sexuality, well- being and lifestyle as to feel more included in their social environment, be more confident about who they are and to become active citizens.



Through innovative learning modules that will be developed in the learning kit of the project touching sensitive issues, an online visual space which also includes visual storytelling/ narratives, digital escape rooms in the form of challenge-based learning activities,

and a policy and practice report, SAFE YOUTH will raise awareness, educate, and support key stakeholders, youth workers and youth (including marginalised youth) throughout Europe regarding the importance of sexuality education, mental health and well- being

of youth. The active involvement of youth workers will empower the field of youth work and lead young people to a more socially inclusive environment.




The project’s objectives which are also in line with the European Youth Strategy 2019- 2027 and the ERASMUS+ Guide 2020 in the field

of Youth, are to:


1)     Educate and support youth workers and trainers’ acquisition of sexuality education, mental health, resilience and well- being      competences by developing learning resources and innovative tools using non- formal education


2)     Empower the development of attitudes of self-respect and self-value of youth target groups by developing a visual online space where all the OERs & Gamified learning resources produced will be available (learning kit, visual storytelling, digital escape rooms)


3)     Increase knowledge and awareness of youth workers and young people, regarding social inclusion, sexuality education, mental health, resilience and well-being issues building on


4)     European values through the implementations and study visit to take place during the project


5)     Stimulate youth workers to connect, engage and empower youth to challenge the social taboos and stereotypes building more inclusive social environments and


6)     Contribute to practice policy development regarding sexuality education and validation and recognition of youth work at national and EU level.





1)     SAFE YOUTH aims to reach 10,000 individuals during its lifecycle and more than 50,000 people at long-term. 120 youth workers

in total (24 per partner country) to participate in blended learning pilots (IO1 and IO2).

2)     Specifically, more than 2000 young people -with a special focus on marginalised youth who seek of support. 120 young people

in total (20 per partner country) to participate at the Digital Escape rooms’ workshops (IO3)

3)     2000 youth workers, 200 policy decision makers, and more than 100 other stakeholders will be reached directly and indirectly

with various means.




IO1:SAFE YOUTH explained- Learning kit on Sexuality Education, Mental Health and Well-being

IO2:SAFE YOUTH through an online visual language

IO3:Digital Escape Rooms

IO4:From Paper to Practice Report


Study Visit for 12 youth workers in total (2 per partner country, 4 from Cyprus)

Multiplier Events: “Be Well” for 20 participants from each country


The project will be managed using Project Management tools and practices, including quality assurance, dissemination and sustainability plans.

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