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Resilience and Wellbeing in preschool education to prevent emotional, social and

 behavioral problems



Project website:

Date: 01.12.2020 - 30.11.2022


Project partners:

Paidagogiko Institouto Kyprou (Cyprus)

Neophytos Ch. Charalambous (Institute Of Development Ltd) (Cyprus)

Diethnes Panepistimio Ellados (Greece)

Universitatea din Pitesti (Romania)

Municipio de Lousada (Portugal)

Motion Digital S.R.O. (Czech Republic)





Research shows that early childhood education plays pivotal role in the child development and future success. However, very little is done in the area of preventive and proactive education that will build the social and emotional skills of young learners. Traditionally the focus of most pedagogical methods was put on the notion of achievement and academic performance, thus other important aspects of children’s development such as their psychological resilience, character strengths and moral principles have been marginalised (Shoshani & Slone, 2017).


According to WHO European Region (2020), emotional disorders like anxiety and depression fall into the top 5 causes of overall disease burden among children and adolescents. Studies report high levels of chronic mild to moderate mental health and behavior problems, even in young children (Egger&Embe,2011). However, the benefits of Positive Education, such as prevention and management of psychosocial problems, increasing psychological resilience and shielding children from a young age are not well known among EU school staff (Shoshani et al., 2016). While there are valid and developmentally appropriate ways in which strategies and research from positive psychology can be meaningfully applied in early childhood settings – for the benefit of children and educators –these are currently underutilised/unknown (Baker et al., 2017).


RESILIENT PRESCHOOLS Project proposes a more holistic approach to preschool education and gives emphasis on traits and capacities that will enable children to adapt efficiently to a fast pacing world with constant changes and challenges. In addition, by fortifying them with qualities that will shield them from possible future unwanted implication like emotional disorders or problematic behaviour. The importance of cultivating these capacities as early as pre-schooler’s age is pivotal, since the earlier children start to become aware and built on their own capacities and character strengths, the greater will be the results in the long-run.





The RESILIENT PRESCHOOLS project focuses on building the capacity of preschool teachers in order to foster to pre-school psychological resilience and safe proof their overall wellbeing.


To achieve these goals objectives, the RESILIENT PRESCHOOLS project will develop a multifaceted toolkit and training package that will address several psychological characteristics that derive from Positive Psychology core principles, Positive Education approach and Seligman’s (2011) PERMA model.


The impact of this project will be of great value for the education system. Preschool teachers will be able to obtain a deeper knowledge on how to nurture their students’ resilience, wellbeing, character traits and enable their holistic development. The experts and stakeholders themselves will be also able to better understand the value of promoting resilience and how it can contribute in improving the overall landscape of Education in EU premises and beyond.




1)     200-250 preschool teachers will directly be involved in the blended learning trainings (face to face/F2F trainings and online engagement) of the training material of the project and participate in group activities showcasing good examples of promoting wellbeing in preschool settings.


2)     200 key stakeholders will participate in Multiplier Events in all partner countries.


3)     30 actors in early childhood education will participate in focus groups in partner countries to gather feedback and report on the needs and finalization of topics and themes of or the content of the toolkit and modules.


4)     30 actors in early childhood education will participate in focus groups in partner countries to support the drafting of the policy and practice recommendation report to support and promote the importance of creating healthy educational systems.





1)     Build the capacity of teachers, in nurturing children’s wellbeing, character traits and resilience.


2)     Develop quality resources for positive culture in preschools, based on Positive Psychology practices and scientific findings.


3)     Improve the overall quality of early educational system in the participating countries


4)     Increasing awareness on the role of various actors on the importance of wellbeing and resilience in young children.




IO1: Toolkit for Preschool teachers aiming to cultivate resilience and character strengths in young children.

IO2: Training Package for enhancing preschool teachers’ skills on how to foster resilience and wellbeing in their students

IO3: eLearning Space and OERs


For the dissemination and communication of this project, a website is developed along with the project’s Facebook page. A social media campaign will also take place in order to spread awareness on the need for raising awareness on project outputs and its value.

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